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How does physical disability affect a person?

Everyone is affected by physical disability differently.

While some people with physical disabilities may require a lot of help and care daily, others may not require any help at all to live independently.

There are many different types of physical disability and the effects of physical disability will vary from one person to another. 

People with physical disabilities may have limited physical functioning, mobility, dexterity, or stamina. This can cause performing some tasks to be challenging.

Physical disability can affect all different parts of the body. Some people may be born with their physical disability, while others may acquire it later in life. Physical disability can also vary in severity, even when two people have the same type of physical disability there can be vast differences in the way they are affected.

As well as the physical effects, some people may also experience mental health problems because of their physical disability.

Overcoming the effects of physical disability can be challenging, but with the right help and support, disabled people can still live exciting, happy, and fulfilling lives.

How to help someone with a physical disability

The level of help and care required by a person with a physical disability will depend very much on what their disability is and the severity of it. Many physically disabled people can overcome the challenges they face to live perfectly normal and independent lives, while others may require a little help to do so.


The most important thing you can do to help a person with a physical disability is listen to them.

Check in on them often, but don’t always assume they need your help. Listen to the challenges they are facing and offer help where needed and when appropriate.

Accessibility at home

It may be helpful to work with a physically disabled person to adapt their home to make it more accessible. This could include adapting the house for wheelchair access, installing a stair lift, adding ramps and handrails, or more individual adaptations depending on the person’s disability. An accessible home can help to overcome challenges, solve frustrations, increase independence, and make life easier and more comfortable.

Assistive technology and devices

Helping a loved one with a physical disability to get set up with assistive technology and devices can make a big difference to their day-to-day life. Different types of assistive technology include computer software, hardware and voice recognition programs, book holders and adapted pencil grips, and adapted switches and utensils.

Abafields Home Care for people with physical disabilities

Whether you or a loved one requires very intensive live-in care or a couple of hours help a week, our team of qualified and experienced carers provide flexible physical disability home care services to people living in Bury, Bolton, and the surrounding areas in Greater Manchester.

Our friendly team at Abafields Home Care Services can provide you with as much or as little care as you require to live a comfortable and independent life.

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